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Guys! It’s almost December, and you know that usually means my Christmas obsession takes over, but this year we have something else to celebrate! Thanks to the wonderful Megan Tennant, we get to celebrate some amazing indie authors in this fun new game: The Indiecember Reading Challenge.

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To learn more, check out this awesome video by Megan

Here are the basics:

  • Review an indie book on Amazon during December. (even if you read it previously, that’s ok! As long as you post the review in December)
  • Use that book to stamp off one of the squares on your bingo board; get a whole line and be entered to win a prize!
  • Go for the clean sweep! You can use each book you review for as many stamps as they apply to, BUT you have to fill in the whole board!
  • Pssst! You can earn wilds (extra stamps for any square) by:
    • Request 3 indie books at a library
    • Share fan art or bookstagram photo of an indie book and tag the author
    • Purchase merch from an indie and share a photo with the author tagged.
    • Post an indiecemer video/blog
    • Make 3 posts with #indiecember



Some amazing indie authors have teamed up with Megan Tennant for this challenge, so you know there are some sweet prizes up for grabs. Megan will be talking more about prizes as the contest kicks off, but they will include gift cards, free books, merch, etc!

So, as you can see, this contest is AWESOME. I wanted to show my support by recommending a few of my fave indie books, including which boxes they check off!

My Indie Recommendations

A Flicker of Shadows By M.N. Seeley:
This indie read is a little dark, a little gothic, and a whole lot of beautifully written literary fiction.
Boxes: Gold on cover, mystery/thriller, white on cover, fantasy, 5-10 amazon reviews, 10-20 amazon reviews.

The Saviors Champion By Jenna Moreci:
Jenna is an amazing writer and one of my favourite booktubers. The Savior’s Champion is her second novel. It’s an adult fiction with romance and a whole lot of blood (not blood in the romance… it’s not THAT kind of book).
Boxes: Gold on cover, published in 2018, Romance, Red on the cover, Fantasy, Authortuber

Heart on a Chain By Cindy C. Bennett:
This YA contemporary fiction shows the dark side of familial abuse with the light of friendship and love.
Boxes: Gold on cover, Romance, Contemporary, Green on cover, White on cover.

The Blood of the Enemy By: Rowan Liddell:
This book is available on gum road, not Amazon, but I HAD to include it because it’s one of my fave indie reads, by an amazing author.
This high fantasy read checks off: Published 2018, LGBTQ+ author, Red on the cover, fantasy, 0-5 Amazon Reviews, White on the cover, cover buy

Written by the wonderful booktuber Megan Tennant, this fantasy novel will keep you turning pages late into the night.
Boxes: LGBTQ+ Author, 20-40 Amazon reviews, Dystopia and/or post-apoc, Green on cover, Authortuber, cover buy.

But, Alison! What about YOUR book? Yes, thank you for asking, invasive friends. Although my book won’t be out for this year’s Indiecember, I thought it would be fun to look at what boxes
Guardians Society: Book 1 will check off: Gold on Cover, Published 2019(for next years card), Romance, Red on cover, Contemporary, cover buy.

Megan has put a lot of hard work into creating this contest. She’s even created a massive list of Indie books to help us all find our next read. Check it out here

Do you guys have any recommendations for indie reads this December? let me know in the comments, or on Facebook/Twitter

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