Book Update May 2018

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Hello lovely readers!

          I haven’t written a book update in a while, so here we go! Currently, I am in the (what feels like) never-ending editing process.

          I have printed copy of my book for a paper edit, which has been overly exciting! Firstly, to actually hold my book is an amazing feeling! And secondly, because I love stationery so there are tabs, Post-its, and highlighting everywhere! I much prefer editing on paper, but this is a rare treat because of the length of the book and my desire to save trees. I will likely do one more paper edit before sending my book off to be published, but I’m a ways from that yet.

          My Critique partners, who I featured in recent posts (Mike and Rowan) are quickly working their way through my manuscript, leaving humorously helpful hints along the way.

What’s next:

  • Once my CPs are finished, I will do one final read through, then send it off to my editor (more on her in another post). Timeline goal: July or August
  • Once the professional edit is complete, then it’s time for a cover design! So fun! Because I need a final page count before I can finalize the cover design, this has to be the last step. Timeline goal: Fall 2018
  • During cover design, I’ll also be looking for a few more beta readers, so drop me a line if you’re interested! Timeline goal: Fall 2018
  • Another concurrent step is Marketing. It’s an essential aspect of publishing, but it’s not my strong suit. Timeline goal: Ongoing with ramp-up in Fall 2018
  • After cover design, it’s release time! Timeline goal: December 2018 (possibly early 2019)

          Overall the process is going well, and I am enjoying the process (minus the marketing) very very much! It’s been amazingly refreshing to meet other aspiring writers and I am so grateful to have their support. I also appreciate the love and encouragement from all of my family and friends! Thank you for taking the time to ask me about my book and how it’s going.

If you guys have any other questions, let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook

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